How far do I stand from the golf ball at setup? (Ep.7)

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Probably the most common question that I haven’t gotten to yet. Here’s an easy way to think about your golf swing setup and how far from the ball you should be standing. It’s super important to nail this down every time if you’re going to be consistent.

Think of bringing 2 halves together – and both are unwavering:

Body Posture

On one side,  you’ve got your athletic posture – feet shoulder width apart, slight knee bend, tilt at the hips, arms hanging naturally from your shoulders. This is the same posture we want for every full shot we ever hit. It doesn’t change much at all…ever.

The Golf Club

Although every club has different length and lie angle, we know that we always want the club set up in the playing position. This means that the sole of the clubhead is resting flat on the ground, and the club face is square. We don’t ever change this either.

Bring the Two Together

With both halves in place, we inch forward until our hands meet the handle of the club. That’s it. Of course, you’ll be standing farther from the ball with your driver than with your wedges, but your posture doesn’t change. Never reach for the ball, and never get so close that you’re feeling crowded.

Hope that helps you gain some consistency there…


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