How Real-Time Data Brings Huge Impact to Golf Course Operations (Ep.112)

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In this episode, I’m interviewing David Mayo, the General Manager at Blue Sky Golf Club in Jacksonville, Florida. The club is managed by Hampton Golf, a company that KPI Golf is closely collaborating with on data-driven solutions. 
Hampton Connect is a brand new proprietary software just entering the golf facility marketplace. It allows club managers to access real-time performance data at their facilities, and the effects are incredible. David shares how his team is leveraging data and collaboration with Hampton HQ to refine operations, contain costs, drive additional revenues, and streamline staffing levels like never before. He also shares  the tremendous cultural shifts that have occurred at the facility with added transparency and understanding at all levels of the operation. 
Hampton Connect software is offered in conjunction with KPI Consult – a package offering recurring lightweight and affordable insights and deployable tactics to reach performance benchmarks at golf facilities. KPI Consult’s “Guide Posts” bring aggregated data from thousands of facilities to help clubs understand where certain spending and performance ratios need to be in order for the club to be successful. 
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