Sir Nick Faldo Elite Swing Clinic on Practice, Swing Sequence & Preparation (Ep.25)

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Unique Access to Sir Nick Faldo at Bella Collina

Casey Bourque and Nick FaldoThis special swing clinic was part of a private session offered to some elite International Junior Golf Tour players playing at Bella Collina in Orlando.

The coolest part about it was that the content was designed for top level players. Nick got into details that I’m sure he normally wouldn’t with the general public.

In this session, we’re able to get a peek into the practice routine and mindset of a 6-time major championship winner and former #1 player in the world.

He discusses strategies for improving consistency day in and day out. Practice habits to give yourself a better chance of feeling good and dialing in your golf swing more often.

Nick covers some intricate details of the swing sequence and downswing triggers to experiment with in practice. Also, how to deploy those triggers on the course to your advantage.

One of the best parts for me was the discussion about playing under pressure. He advised a strategy of choosing world class players to mimic. Basically, use them to visualize the shot you want to hit, let them hit it first in your imagination, then step into the ghost and hit the shot yourself. Amazing psychological play.

There’s a little wind noise in this session due to the recording device, but it’s totally worth it in my opinion.