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Meet Casey Bourque

I’ve always been a big believer in the concept of paying it forward. I’ve been ridiculously fortunate in my life to have been born into a loving family who supported me every day in my pursuit of of a career playing golf. I don’t mean financial support…real support.

I grew up in Maine, which isn’t exactly a hotbed for PGA Tour players, but plenty rich in good natured people with a strong sense of community and work ethic. Going back home is like going back in time…I love it there.

It wasn’t all golf when I was a kid. In fact, golf was the last sport I took up…it was ice hockey in the winter, and baseball in the summer. We often cruised around the rocky coastline in our crusty little 28 foot sailboat until I was 12. My dad and his buddy made the boat themselves…sea worthy but definitely no modern luxuries. A cut-out milk carton served as our restroom.

I really got hit with the golf bug in high school, but winters are long there. Between hockey practices, I used to drive out to the beach to hit balls at low tide. With 3 feet of snow on the ground, this was the only place with bare ground. My dad still jokes, “Summer comes on a Tuesday, don’t miss it”.

Although we won 3 National Championships at Florida Southern, my golf in college pretty much sucked. I never contended in any tournament and struggled on those grainy Bermuda greens (still do). I was a late bloomer.

In 2000, I turned pro and got into the golf business. Again, I was super fortunate to work for a great guy named John Brown who supported my desire to teach and play golf. In 2003, we opened a killer private club called Lake Winnipesaukee Golf Club in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire (go there someday). The members sponsored me to go try the playing thing.

In West Palm Beach, Florida that winter, I met my wife, qualified for the Canadian PGA Tour, and later that summer achieved a dream of playing in the US Open.

These days, I’m plenty busy spending time with my daughters. We visit my wife’s family in Germany every summer, making a pit stop in Maine on the return.

If you’ve ever found yourself holding a 7-iron on a Maine beach in January, then we’re clearly kindred spirits.

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– Casey

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