Weekly Practice Blueprint – Full Swing, Wedges and Putting Drills (Ep.6)

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Here’s your hour of practice time broken down into drills and an approach that I think will be super helpful for your game. We’re mixing it up with the full swing, starting in on calibrating wedge distances, and giving you some putting challenges to keep things interesting.

Full Swing

We’re dedicating 20 minutes to some creative play on the range. I like to imagine my favorite golf course, and play it virtually in my head. Hit the opening tee shot using the clubs you normally use. You only get one shot, then estimate the shot you would have from there. Pull a different club each time, choose different targets and go through your pre-shot routine. It’s fun and super helpful.

Wedge Play

The next 20 minutes is dedicated to your wedges. Make 5-7 9:00 swings with each of your wedges and take note how far the ball carries with each shot. This is the beginning of calibrating your distances and giving you more precision with those pesky short range shots. Here’s a good video on benchmarking wedge distances.

If you’ve got a little more time, go with the Leap Frog Drill. This is a great “feel” drill to hit each shot different distances and dial in those shorter pitches all the way up to full swings. Again, we’re working on distance control more than directional control with our wedges.


Here’s a challenge for you. Choose a hole with a little bit of slope. Grab 2 balls and drop them 3 feet from the hole. Rotate around the hole with each set of 2 so that you’re never hitting the same putt twice in a row. See if you can make 20 in a row. Phil Mickelson normally does 100. You’ll feel more confident over those short ones.

I like the Back-and-Forth drill for mid-length putts. Choose 2 holes roughly 15-20 feet apart (5-7 paces) and use 2 balls. Image each putt is a birdie putt…a make is a birdie, 2 putts for par, and 3 putts for bogey. See what you can shoot over 18, 36 holes. If you’re over par, you need to work on these!


Email me or message me through social media and I’ll make sure I help you out. Cheers!