John Brown of KPI Golf on Humility, Owning Mistakes & Data-Driven Decisions (Ep.46)

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There is No “Set and Forget” Strategy

The only way to perform optimally is to stay diligent and continuously prioritize highest impact activities.

There is no solution that allows for anything other than constant oversight and management. This is because conditions, economies, market positions, competition, and consumer preferences are always changing.

The only way to compete is to evolve with the times. Golf courses are quickly finding that they are not different.

The First Tactic Isn’t Always the Best Solution

John shares how his team’s initial assessment of this North Carolina club did not uncover the biggest wins.

Their focus was on membership and driving rounds and revenues for the first 6-12 months they owned the club.

Upon deeper inspection and market research, they determined that other areas of the club presented tremendous opportunity. The wins were certainly disguised as there was considerable costs to unlock these assets.

Good market timing, smart planning, and aggressive negotiation allowed the group to perform significant capital improvements at minimal costs.

The returns were exceptional. Listen to the podcast discussion to hear more.