2 Simple Pre-Swing Tips to Get Out of a Golf Slump – or Winter Hiatus (Ep.59)

golf swing stance and posture

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Pre-Swing is Better than In-Swing

The quickest wins are in your setup and stance – nothing to do with your swing. Most people focus on “in-swing” faults and ignore the “pre-swing”. I do the opposite. Without good setup and alignment, your swing is doomed. Don’t get it mixed up.

If you Haven’t Been Playing in a While

Two things to look at when you’re a little rusty: posture and grip. Posture: Use a golf club to allow you to feel what a straight spine feels like. Take your stance with a club running along your spine and it’ll remind you of what good posture is supposed to be like. Grip: This one’s simple, but nobody seems to focus on it. If you’re slicing, rotate your hands around to the right around the handle of the club. This helps the release of the club, the toe will pass the heel through impact, and you’ll hit it left. Once you do this, then work towards the happy medium. Always focus on pre-swing before any in-swing stuff guys…it’s easier to pull off and you’ll see lasting results much quicker.

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