KPI Golf on Underperforming Golf Courses & Their Options (Ep.60)

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Expert Opinions are Cheap

John Brown discusses the options that struggling and underperforming golf courses have. The first big misconception is that professional advice and exploratory conversations only come with hard sales pitches for club management contracts. This isn’t the case at all.

The logic first step to take is to pick up the phone and call a consulting or golf management company. KPI Golf offers free phone consultations, investing hours in learning about the club’s challenges and assessing best fit.

Of course, only so much information can be gathered over the phone. Often an on-site visit is necessary, however this can be done for surprisingly little cash outlay.

For less than the cost of a few covers in the restaurant, John says that he’ll pay your club a visit and roll up his sleeves. He’ll dig into financials, interview staff and members, conduct basic market research, and gather a clear picture of how the club is positioned.

After just a few days, the club receives an exhaustive presentation about where the club stands, competitive set, and recommended next steps toward improvement.

Long Term Consulting is Best

As a next step in a club’s turnaround process, John highly recommends a long term consulting agreement. This is effectively standard consulting on a regular cadence that makes sense for the club – typically quarterly or annually.

This allows KPI Golf to dig deeper into the club’s culture and learn more about the inner workings of the facility and marketplace. It also allows for performance reviews, planning sessions, and continuous improvement.

John emphasizes that there is no “set and forget” strategy that works. Long term consulting is a great, and inexpensive way to ensure that your club is continually evaluating performance, prioritizing highest impact activities, and holding everyone accountable for results.

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