Deploying Trust and Added Revenue for Golf Courses (Ep.39)

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Creative Sources of Revenue

When I go to Germany every summer, the days are very long. The sun rises around 4:00 am and sets around 10:30 pm. Golf courses over there have come up with a very creative (and simple) solution for bringing in revenue during those odd hours of the day when nobody is working.

Deploying Trust

The first thing I noticed in Germany, is that they deploy an incredible amount of trust in people. Basically, if you want to play golf really early or really late, you can just come and walk on the golf course. No carts of course.

They’ve got a lock box where you fill out an envelope and leave your green fee for the staff to retrieve when business opens.

Funny, you would think the place would be overrun with freeloading walk-ons, but it’s not. The culture that exists is one of pride in their club, and nobody would ever want to risk being branded a thief or a cheat.

It works.

I’m not saying this strategy would work everywhere, but it’s absolutely a plan that some clubs should consider seriously.