Exactly How Free Golf Lessons Are Helping Golf Courses Win vs. Slumping Demand (Ep.73)


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Golf courses are hurting for demand. We’ve gone from 29 million golfers to 21 million since the last market downturn.

We’re losing between 100 and 200 golf courses per year, and data suggests there’s still another 9-15 years left of the same to reach market equilibrium.

I’ve run some numbers on how free golf lessons should be deployed at country clubs to bring in new business.

It’s a long term approach versus the “car salesman” quick win approach we’re used to.

We’re talking about the average annualized and lifetime value of your customers. How to get them out to your facility, and getting only a small number of them to convert into paying customers.

The numbers work…like crazy.

I’m pretty sure you’ll agree that the estimates and assumption I’m using are extremely conservative. A 5% conversion rate is very low for public facilities, but for private clubs may be very high (of course average customer values are also much higher).

In this example, after paying your Marketer/Teacher a flat $30,000 salary, the club will have generated $320,160 in future Total Gross Revenues (10x marketing spend).

Of course, your instructor will have plenty of time to teach avid golfers on the side for a fee. In fact, this program becomes a feeder system for your staff instructors charging their regular hourly fees.

The club has developed an enormous differentiator vs. the local set of golf facilities. Marketed well, the club will be able to attract the lion’s share of newcomers to the game in the area, indoctrinate them into the club, and develop a culture of giving/generosity/hospitality while they’re at it.

Guests feel more welcome over time because there are no hard sells or sale pitches. All staff members participate in marketing the club, and inviting new people out to try golf becomes ingrained in company culture.

Combined with the KPI Golf Membership Sales specific programming, clubs can further capitalize on the power of word of mouth, positive company culture, and membership referrals.

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