Rant: Why Short Sighted Golf Course Operators Suck (Ep.51)


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Get Your Business Priorities in Line

I believe that the most successful businesses (golf or non-golf) take care of the most important things first…and at all costs. It’s super upsetting to me to see operators ruining perfectly good businesses – especially golf courses – because they get it totally backwards.

It is our belief at KPI Golf that company culture is of the utmost importance.

When your teams are turning over frequently, it not only ads costs and reduces performance. It creates lousy work environments and attitudes for future staff members.

A revolving door makes it IMPOSSIBLE to grow your business.

We believe in taking very good care of the staff members that are performing at the highest level.

We also believe that motivators vary for every human being – some like money, others titles, others work/life balance, others upward mobility. The trick is that it’s always a moving target. People change their priorities as they progress through life. Communication and face-to-face time is the only way to learn what motivates your team.

The best companies in the world make company culture their #1 priority:

Priority #1: Company culture – positive working environment where staff knows and likes working with their colleagues every day. Collaboration is highly encouraged, and nobody is ever disparaged for bringing new ideas to the table. Hiring good people means that you’re able to free them up to do what they do best.

Priority #2: The Customer – Yup, customer comes AFTER your employees. We’ve turned down deals where we knew that the customer was not going to be a good fit for the teams we had in place. Nothing comes ahead of your brand and your company culture – nothing.

Priority #3: Personal Interests – This could mean profits for ownership, vacation time, and prideful things. Leadership works for the employees, not the other way around.

The companies that make this priority shift will win.