Playing the Canadian PGA Tour & The Infamous Over-Under Rule (Ep.74)


Practice rounds on the Canadian PGA Tour were stressful times.

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Saw an article about Justin Thomas and Rickie Fowler sharing the lead (after the first round) and also sharing a house out in Phoenix this week.

Brought back some old memories of traveling around with the boys on the Canadian PGA Tour some years back.

I’m sure our “rentals”…car, hotels, we nothing like Justin and Rickie. In fact, we had an “Over/Under” room policy.

Regardless, I encourage anyone who is trying to give professional golf to give it a shot. When you’re in your 20’s, that’s the time to go chase the dream.

Don’t settle for some crap job too early. You can always fall back to that later on. Go for the big win and at least later on you’ll be able to say you tried.

Gotta listen to the podcast to find out what the Over/Under is…it’s not what you think.

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