The Putting Yips – One Rainy Day from Quitting Golf (Ep.19)

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My Parents are the Best People I know in the World

This is a segment of a keynote presentation I did at Golf Academy of America in Orlando. I get into a phase of my college and amateur golf career where I had a debilitating bout with the putting yips.

I told my dad over a pizza that I was going to quit.

For context, quitting golf for me at that time was not really feasible…but I was doing it anyway.

I had earned a golf scholarship at Florida Southern College – by the way we won the Division II NCAA National Championship that year. I was also the defending champion of the Maine State Amateur…at the age of 19. There were a ton of expectations around my golf…my life was all about golf.

My parents matter in this equation for one simple reason – they were cool with what I wanted to do. That’s it.

No convincing. No discussions on the costs of my education. No chats about what all their friends at our home club would think.

It was cool either way. I had support.

Fast forward the tape 4 years to me wiping my face full of tears, thinking of that slice of pizza with my dad, standing with my brother Jake on the 1st tee at Shinnecock Hills in the US Open Championship.

Cheers my friends.