Playing in a Scramble Golf Tournament? How to be a Killer Teammate (Ep.18)

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Scrambles are a Whole Different Animal – You Can Cheat!

So, I’m teeing it up in a scramble golf tournament tomorrow. I wanted to share some thoughts, especially for beginners on how to navigate your day and have a great time.

First rule is to inoculate the group. Here’s what I mean. Don’t act like a rock star if you aren’t one…they’ll all see right through you. Better to own your “beginner-ness” and bring value to the group in some strategic ways.

Second rule is that certain kinds of cheating is allowed. Bring all the clubs you want. Change out balls for distance and feel. If you hit a shit shot, pick it up and nobody cares.

scramble tournament tips

If you’re a Beginner, Don’t Worry About the Long Ball

The long ball isn’t the way you’re likely going to bring value. In fact, as the day goes on, it’s totally cool if you don’t even bother to hit your tee shot if there’s already someone out there in perfect position. Here’s a quick driver tutorial if you need one…as well as my latest driver podcast rant.

Laser Focus on the Short Game

The short game – putting and chipping is where you’ve got your best shot to be the hero. Roll one in the hole from 20 feet and you’ll bring a roar from the gallery, high fives and laughs for the whole day.

Reverse engineering, when you get to the golf course, don’t spend the whole warmup time on the range. Hit a few balls, but go to the putting green and hone your putting and chipping skills. Let the big boys handle the long ball…short game is your best chance to contribute.

And as a last Resort…

Depending on the group and the game, think about some other things you can bring along to deliver value. Here’s a quick list:

• Booze
• Snacks
• Music (speaker and phone)
• Funny clothes
• Extra clubs – there’s no 14 club limit in a scramble

Just be yourself, be humble, and you’ll have the time of your life.