The Business Case for Free Golf Lessons | Keynote at Golf Academy of America (Ep.15)

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Why Golf is Headed Toward Free Golf Lessons…

One of my strongest presentations to date. Lots of continued dialogue and positive feedback from the audience on this one…

Here’s my keynote speech at The Golf Academy of America’s Orlando Campus. The talk is geared for the students (all ages) at the school getting educated on careers in the golf industry – golf instruction, golf course operations and staffing, tournament play, and golf management.

The first 20 minutes is mostly my personal background and stories – growing up in Maine, how I got into golf, and the work that I put into my game. Also, how I was able to raise some money to play on the Canadian PGA Tour, qualify for the US Open, and make a cut to earn a check on the PGA Tour in Las Vegas.

In November of 2009, my life changed course dramatically. I moved away from traditional golf operations at green grass facilities. That’s when I began building a personal brand and startup companies for myself – which would never have worked without my time in the “trenches” as a practitioner in the biz…executing and empathizing .

I believe strongly that the future will place enormous importance on personal brand and an online presence in particular.

I then get into statistics and outlook on the golf industry and where my partner John Brown and I see things heading. With our new venture, KPI Golf Management, we’re aiming to help underperforming golf courses turn around their operations, compete for their existence, and benefit local communities.

I touch on how to deep dive into club budgets through detailed financial auditing as well as procurement strategies that deliver quick wins for facilities.

There are a variety of strategies we’ll deploy to help us accomplish this. All of which are taking into account overall macroeconomic trends (we’ve been riding a huge tailwind in recent years) as well as generational shifts in golf (baby boomers are playing more than half of overall rounds).

John and I firmly believe that the traditional method of structuring golf instruction is broken.

The way the lessons have been delivered over the years have been designed to serve the instructor first, not the student or the facility.

I explain why we believe that golf lessons should be offered for FREE. Lessons are the ultimate gateway drug for newcomers to the game, as well as an incredible means of retaining older golfers longer before they age out of the system.

I also tell a few stories about my playing experiences in the US Open, and inform the group of my 6-year mission to earn a round of golf with Gary Vaynerchuk in New York…