The Simplest Short Game Tip Ever – Better Contact & Distance Control (Ep.44)

simplest short game tip backswing length

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Length of Backswing = Length of Shot

Sounds super obvious, but so many players fail to deploy this simple method:

Let the length of your backswing determine the length of the shot

Most players that struggle with short game either aren’t making consistently solid contact with the ball, or, they don’t control distance very well. This simple strategy helps on both fronts.

They either take a short backswing, and then hurry the downswing to hit the ball hard. Conversely, they might take a long backswing and decelerate the club through impact.

Better Tempo, Less Tension, Less Stress

For short shots, make a short backswing. For longer shots, make a longer backswing. It’s that simple.

If you truly focus on this, you’ll be able to swing the club with exactly the same tempo for all length shots. You can relax your hands and arms, and the club will bottom out at the very same spot every time.

Best part is that it works when you’re nervous – including with your putting. I promise your distance control will improve dramatically, but you’ve got to try your best to move away from the bad habits you’ve built up to this point. Could take a little time and effort 😉