Do You Fear Those Half Wedge Shots? Don’t. (Ep.10)

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This wedge play technique changed my golf life.

I was able to turn an absolute fear of 30, 50, 60 yard wedge shots into a strength of my game. These shots require a special approach that brings distance control and consistent impact with the golf ball every time. I’m super passionate about this part of the game, and I think this lesson is one that’s going to help every single player out there.

In this episode, I start things out with some data to help convince you this is an area of the game that you really need to focus on. Dave Pelz figured out some important things using the scientific process – that these shots are the biggest correlation to money earned on the PGA Tour and they require their own kind of technique.

For me personally, I absolutely feared these shots for a very long time – to the point of nearly quitting golf. Once I figured a way to make consistent contact and control the distance of these shots, wedge play became the hallmark of my game.

The golf swing has many different sources of power – weight shift, body turn, coil, release of the club, hand action, etc. To control distance, we want to soften things up and limit our power to a single source. When we do this well, we’re able to calibrate distance and make some great things happen around the greens.

I’ll fill you in on setup and swing technique to get you started in the right direction.

• Narrow stance
• Noodle arms
• Your unique rhythm
• Rotate without coil
• Maintain soft pressure throughout
• Ball comes off like a marshmallow
• Consistent impact every time

This technique is the absolute foundation of so many things we’re going to talk about around the greens – pitching, bunker play, and even chipping.

Listen in and get in touch if you’ve got questions.

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