Take Better Photos with your Phone – Tips from Golf Photographer Cy Cyr (Ep.11)

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Photo Tips from the Best

cy cyr with shaquille o'neil

Cy Cyr at Shaquille O’Neal’s house in Orlando

Cy Cyr has arguably become one of the world’s top golf photographers…and we’ve know each other since we were 5 living in Maine. I wanted to know how I can be taking better pictures with my phone…and he didn’t disappoint. Cy’s been in the room with everyone in golf – Tiger Woods, Jack Nicklaus, Nick Faldo, Rory McIlroy…you get the idea. He shoots for Golf Channel, Golf Digest and others…so he knows his stuff.

In this episode, Cy shares some great stories through his career with the likes of Lee Trevino and Jack Nicklaus. I pick his brain a little bit to help the rest of us pull off some better photos at our family functions, friends, golf swings, and other stuff.

Cy also recommends a couple free phone apps that he uses to enhance his photos before publishing.

Check out Cy’s work at cycyr.com or email him directly if you’ve got questions.

His work in corporate & portrait photography, golf course photography, product photography, and his portfolio of famous athletes he’s worked with is stunning.

In particular, I love his night photography work. He’s been out to golf courses like Pebble Beach, Hazeltine and Royal Troon in the middle of the night to produce some stunning stuff. Here’s one from Seven Canyons in Sedona, Arizona.

Seven Canyons in Sedona Arizona

Seven Canyons in Sedona Arizona

…and here’s Cy’s work for Golf Digest’s Most Annoying Golf Partners:

most annoying golf partners golf digest