Simple Science of Optimal Athletic Performance – Casey Cox of Sports Science Solutions (Ep.21)

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Data-Driven Decisions in Athletics

sports science solutionsToday, I’m talking with Casey Cox at Sports Science Solutions about the absolute cutting edge of using biomechanics data in sports.

Now, I know what you’re thinking – high-tech diodes, bones and muscles, it’s all too technical for me.  

But, that’s the coolest part. While these guys are using data for elite golfers and hockey players, they’re also doing incredible things to dummy it all down for the average guy.

This conversation really took me off guard in a good way, mostly because I admittedly don’t know much at all about biomechanics.  As you probably know by now, my teaching style is way on the other end of the spectrum with an emphasis on simplicity.

They’ve got labs at their facilities, but they can also hook you up and measure what you’re doing while you’re in the wild.  

They conduct their analysis while you’re actually out playing your sport and doing what you do.

Casey talks about the details of how their solutions are helping people prevent injuries and optimize their athletic performance. They’re working with NHL hockey players and teams, golfers, and other athletes. 

The Benefits of Science – Optimization and Injury Prevention

I was really surprised to hear how intuitive it was for the users to make immediate improvements in their technique.  Normally this kind of high-tech stuff is reserved for the science geeks, but he gives a bunch of great examples of how hockey players and golfers have deployed changes in minutes achieving almost instantaneous benefit. 

These guys are dealing with elite athletes on an individual basis or entire teams and large groups of people all at once. The data that they are collecting is allowing coaches, trainers and the athletes themselves to make more informed decisions and to accelerate faster to peak performance or greater longevity. 

I’m now convinced that this is absolutely where the industry is headed.

After you hear the episode, if you’ve got specific questions for Casey or would like to learn more about his work, here’s how you can reach out: