Why You Need to Ask Your Instructor for the Shortest Golf Lessons Possible (Ep.20)

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I Believe that Traditional Golf Lessons are Best for the Instructor, not the Student.

Learning to play golf is a lot like learning a language. Everyone is bad in the beginning, and the the benefits you derive are directly proportionate to the efficiency of the work you put in. That’s fancy talk for “you can’t fake it”.

So, I can speak a bit of German. I’ve learned bits and pieces over time talking at home (my wife is German and she speaks to our kids) and spending 2 months in Germany every summer.

Here’ the thing. My last day in Germany every year is 100 times better than the first. I’m immersed in the culture and my vocabulary and pronunciation improves dramatically…every year.

Then I come home, forget everything I learned and fall back to where I was.

Over time, my German has plateaued. I get good in the summer, neglect it for 10 months, and fall back to where I was. In the aggregate, I’m not getting much stronger.

Old School Golf Lessons

This is how traditional golf lessons work.

  1. We take a 1-hour lesson, gain some knowledge, inspiration, invest some practiced with a trained eye.
  2. Lessons are spread out weeks/months apart (mostly because you got lots of info, and paid lots of money)
  3. We don’t practice as much as we should in between sessions, and fall backwards.
  4. Repeat.

I’m not suggesting that you don’t take lessons or spend money on instruction. I’m saying that you take the time and money you would be spending and spread it out over time as much as possible.

Rather than 1 hour-long lesson per month, go to your instructor and request weekly 15-minute sessions instead.

Watch what happens over the course of a few months or your golfing season.