Putting in the Work: An Interview with the Vermont Lumberjacks Hockey Team (Ep.92)

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Lumberjack Captain Mason Emoff has signed a commitment to play college hockey at Manhattanville College.

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Great conversation with my old high school hockey coach Jack Lowry today. He’s the head coach of the Vermont Lumberjacks in the Eastern Hockey League (EHL)
The EHL is part of the Junior A Hockey system where players develop their skills and showcase themselves to top-end college hockey programs. All of the players have aspirations to play college and even professional hockey. 
Coach Lowry brought a couple of his most promising players into the discussion after practice. We talked all about their journey, and the work that it’s taken for them to get to where they are in the sport.
As you might expect, the drive and work ethic that it takes to succeed in the sport of hockey is much like what it takes to do great things in golf (or really anything for that matter).
“I don’t believe in overnight successes. Winning takes work…and these two kids have determination and work ethic it in spades”. 
Check out their profiles on the Lumberjack website
Glynn RobitailleGlynn Robitialle – a forward from Northville, Michigan
Mason EmoffMason Emoff – team captain, and a forward from Ontario, Canada
I love hockey myself, so I was fascinated by what they’re doing on a daily basis through the season. Coach Jack made it clear that the Lumberjack organization is one of the best around, giving the players every resource and opportunity that it takes to win. 
“Of course, at the end of the day, it’s up to the players to put in the work.” 
The team has been playing great of late, with a 14-1 record since the Christmas break. Just like in golf, an attitude of positivity and grit brings rewards. It really sounds like the team culture is right where Coach Jack needs it to be in this part of the season. They’re gearing up for a deep playoff run in the next few weeks. Here’s a link to follow the standings or to check out any EHL teams in your area. 
Hope you find this conversation as intriguing as I did. There are so many takeaways whenever you’re able to talk with successful people in their trade. 
Good luck boys! 

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