What Golf’s 2019 Rules Changes Mean for You (Ep.43)

If you're planning on playing some real competitive golf, moving forward the rules have changed quite a lot. You should rely on more trustworthy sources than me to get the details about what you're allowed and not allowed to do.
tee shot 13th hole Shinnecock Hills Golf Club

Holding It Together When You’re Nervous – Tips From Major Champions (and me) (Ep.42)

What is it about pressure that causes our body to react so strangely. You may not even be all that nervous about the outcome, and for some reason, you can't swing the same way, your putting goes bad, and you can't even think straight? 
pitch shot distance control

How to Play Those Touchy 50-Yard Wedge Shots Without Fear (Ep.41)

I used to absolutely fear a 50 yard wedge shot in golf tournaments. I'd do all I could to avoid them. Mostly that meant laying up to 100 yards leaving a full wedge into the green. 
fairway woods off the turf

Fairway Wood Clinic – Basic Tips for Solid Contact (Ep.40)

This clip is from a clinic I did back in Phoenix for some relative beginners about hitting fairways woods. A lot of players struggle with this clubs - they're long, unforgiving, and you've got to be dead on to hit great shots. I hope these few tips help you out. 
golf course

Deploying Trust and Added Revenue for Golf Courses (Ep.39)

When I go to Germany every summer, the days are very long. The sun rises around 4:00 am and sets around 10:30 pm. Golf courses over there have come up with a very creative (and simple) solution for bringing in revenue during those odd hours of the day when nobody is working.
breaking barriers in golf

How to Break Those Mental (and Scoring) Barriers in Golf (Ep.38)

Many of the so-called barriers that we try to reach in golf are simply arbitrary numbers. I get that it sounds cool to say that you shot 69 instead of 70, but at the end of the day, it's just 1 shot.
Stymies putting game

Stymies – The Best Competitive Putting Game Known to Man (Ep.37)

Stymies is a vicious competitive putting game that is best played with as many people as you can wrangle up. Find 10 people and you'll have a blast.  
4th hole - Shinnecock Hills Golf Club

Gambling on the Golf Course – What’s Your Take? (Ep.36)

I'm down for a friendly wager playing golf with some friends, but is there a point where it goes too far? The USGA rules on amateur status say there is. 

Winning vs. The Yips – Tactics for Gaining Putting Confidence (Ep.35)

In this episode, my good friend Robert and I share our feelings and the challenges that we've both faced. I give him some tips and exercises to build his confidence back up so that he can hit the spring golf season running. 
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Keynote: Golf Course Marketing for Club Owners – or Seemingly Lack Thereof (Ep.34)

Based on the fact that the economy has been great over the past 9 years, AND we've got a huge wave of Baby Boomers playing more golf than ever, golf should be thriving. 
golf course clustering

The Big-Time Advantages of Local Synergies Between Golf Courses – Clustering (Ep.33)

The advantages for golfers when multiple golf courses team up is obvious. We get more holes to play golf on for our money. What's really cool is that when one course is closed for business because of a tournament or course maintenance procedure, we've got other options. Not only that, golf is just more fun when you have more variety...otherwise it's just too easy right?
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Disrupting the Online Clothing Retail Industry – Bogeybox Golf Club (Ep.32)

Super cool conversation with Nik Bando, founder of Bogeybox Golf Club. So, Nik figured out that he (along what turns out to be a ton of other people out there) hates to go shopping - especially for clothing. I'm definitely included in that group. His solution is one that plays on a beautiful blend of technology and white glove personalized customer service.

Private Golf Course Turnaround Case Study – John Brown’s Hybrid Solution (Ep.31)

KPI Golf Management’s John Brown discusses a Hilton Head area private golf course that was struggling with membership attrition in the Hilton Head market.

Simple Tip for Crisp Contact with Your Chips and Pitches from Tight Lies (Ep.30)

Lately I've been struggling a bit with my chipping and pitching. I've felt like it's been a challenge to make clean contact consistently from poor lies and tight lies. Basically, if the ball isn't sitting up perfectly, my confidence hasn't been to high lately.

Know a Golf Instructor Bringing Big Impact? Here’s a Stage to Share Their Story (Ep.29)

I Believe the Golf Instruction System is Broken. I'm sorry, but golf lessons are too long, too complicated, too expensive and too far in between. $300/hour isn't bringing anyone into this game, and I want to give a voice to the teacher who are doing it right.
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A Whole New World for Amputees Playing Golf – Sports Science Solutions & K-Motion (Ep.28)

Sports Science Solutions and K-Motion are teaming up to develop specific biomechanical roadmaps and processes adapted for those with specific amputations...
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Hate Bermuda Grass Greens Like Me? 4 Simple Ways to Deal with Grain (Ep.27)

So when I came down to play college golf in Florida, it drove me nuts. In fact, I blame grain for my nearly career ending bout with the yips. This episode is all about helping you putt better on grainy greens based on what I've learned over the years.
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Indoors or Outdoors – Here’s a Killer Putting Challenge for You (Ep.26)

Finish this Challenge and I'll be Super Impressed. I learned this drill when I was back in college playing at Florida Southern. Lee Janzen, former US Open Champion and FSC alum came back to practice with the team a few times. Lee's always been an incredible putter, and this was a drill he worked on every day. 
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Sir Nick Faldo Elite Swing Clinic on Practice, Swing Sequence & Preparation (Ep.25)

This special swing clinic was part of a private session offered to some elite International Junior Golf Tour players playing at Bella Colina in Orlando. The coolest part about it was that the content was designed for top level players. Nick got into details that I'm sure he normally wouldn't with the general public. 
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KPI Golf’s John Brown Shares Survival Advice for Underperforming Golf Clubs (Ep.24)

Longtime friend John Brown joins us and we tap into his 40+ years of golf operations experience. John shares a bunch of insights into where the golf industry is heading and how golf clubs are going to need to aggressively compete for market share in the coming years.