Know a Golf Instructor Bringing Big Impact? Here’s a Stage to Share Their Story (Ep.29)


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$300/Hr Golf Lessons aren’t Helping Anyone

Golf Digest just ran an article on the nation’s top golf instructors under 40. I get it that these are the elite instructors catering to elite clientele (meaning rich people already playing lots of golf), and that they’ll likely be the ones replacing the world’s leading instructors in a few years.

BUT, ultra expensive golf lessons aren’t doing a thing to help the industry and golf facilities.

I understand that everyone has the right to earn a great living, and I’m not disparaging these instructors for charging what they do. Good on them for having the marketing prowess to be getting those rates. By the way, don’t kid yourself…it’s all about marketing.

A Voice for the Common Instructor

I’m much more interested in hearing about teachers and coaches focused on inclusion. The ones teaching in schools, in underprivileged populations, etc. I want to hear stories about instructors bringing people into the game who would never had considered playing golf otherwise. Additionally, I love to hear about solutions around keeping our senior or handicapped population engaged in the sport longer.

Golf Lessons are the Ultimate Gateway Drug

KPI Golf is all about the principle of FREE GOLF LESSONS. We believe that facilities fighting for their lives are going to eventually realize that instruction is a grossly underutilized marketing asset. Paying instructors ought to be considered a marketing expense rather than bringing on a sole proprietor who’s going to be serving their own best interests.

Free golf lessons are the absolute best way to bring in newcomers, and to retain senior golfers longer. As a facility, the biggest impact will come for those who are first to market with this idea. Imaging the marketing impact of promoting free golf lessons all the time for everyone at your club.

I Believe the Golf Instruction System is Broken

I’m sorry, but golf lessons are too long, too complicated, too expensive and too far in between.

If you share this belief, and you know someone deploying creative solutions, I want to have them on my podcast.

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