Charlie Rymer Talking Golf, Television, PGA Tour & Myrtle Beach (Ep.54)

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Really fun chat with Golf Channel’s Charlie Rymer today on the podcast. I ran into Charlie at our PGA Annual Meeting here in Orlando back in December. Despite all that he’s got going on, he set aside some of his time to catch up and share some great golf stories with us. He share’s how he ended up in television, what life was like full-time at Golf Channel, and his new gig helping to promote his old stomping grounds Myrtle Beach as a leading golf destination. We get into a lot of topics…his background growing up in South Carolina alongside fellow TV pioneer Kelly Tilghman who became the first female to do play-by-play in a major sport. He gets into his playing accomplishments including winning the US Junior, playing a Georgia Tech, winning on the Tour and a couple close calls to winning on the PGA Tour too. Hope you enjoy this chat with one of the best in the business…listen to the podcast, but here are some quick notes


How Charlie Got into Television

Many don’t realize (myself included) how great a player that Charlie was in his early days. He’s still competing occasionally on PGA Tour Champions as well. After Q-School one year, he ran into his good friend Gary McCord who told him he should get into television:

“You’re an idiot, you’re perfect for television”

Funny story, but sounds like it worked…


Moving Back to Myrtle Beach

So, Charlie’s ending his time at Golf Channel after more than 10 years. He’ll be moving his family back north, closer to where he grew up in South Carolina. He’ll still do some occasional work with Golf Channel, but mostly some freelance broadcasting. He’s also taking on a new gig with Golf Tourism Solutions in Myrtle Beach to help reinvigorate that area as a leading golf destination. He’s got some great things to say about Myrtle as a group golf destination…awesome for families, wide variety of golf, beaches, restaurants, live music…and apparently there are some good biscuits up there!


Welcoming Kelly Tilghman to South Carolina’s Golf Hall of Fame

Charlie tells some cool stories about growing up with Kelly in South Carolina and the long odds of the two of them making it in the golf broadcasting business. He’ll be attending the South Carolina Sports Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony in just a few days where Kelly and Charles Warren will be honored. Charlie also makes it clear that he beat her to it, as he was inducted into SC’s Hall a few years back.


Friends in the Business: Feherty, Ian Baker Finch, Bill Macatee, Peter Kostis & Coach Lou Holz

Charlies shares a number of stories about his good friends and mentors in the television and golf business. Although he’ll be stepping down with is move out of state, Charlie serves our local North Florida PGA Section as its Vice President. He shares some insight how he was able to convince his longtime friend Lou Holz to join us as a guest presenter at our most recent annual meeting. Normally, Coach Holz would charge substantial fees for an hourlong presentation, but Charlie was able to make it happen by calling in a favor and perhaps trading off some Titleist AP3 irons and a custom Notre Dame wedge.   Just a fun chat with one of the best…hope you enjoy the podcast  

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