Guys Trips, A Car Accident & A Simple Swing Key That Worked for Me (Ep.55)

casey atm

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So, some old friends of mine from Maine and from Texas come here to Orlando every winter for a week to play golf and enjoy some sunshine.

They’ve been doing it for 30 years.

Well, last night was the first car accident ever. Fortunately nobody was hurt, but a close call nevertheless. A REALLY close call…and a lesson for all of you on guy golf trips.

Swing Key:

During the round we played today, I found a little mid-round swing key that really helped.Â

It’s all setup.

Basically, I was addressing the ball with my spine too “vertical”. Just a touch of extra tilt, or as I think of it, bowing to the ball made a huge difference.

I felt free to rotate, more powerful, and I was striking the ball consistently on the middle of the club face. Listen to the podcast and I hope it helps you out!

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