Get Your Equipment Dialed In for the Season – Club Fitting Tips (Ep.94)

Super excited to be heading over to Oceanside CC in Ormond Beach next week to get things dialed in. On this podcast, I share a few thoughts on how fittings go, and what I like to focus on to make sure my equipment is right for me.

What it’s Like to Feel a “Connected” Golf Swing (Ep.93)

For the first time in a while, I was able to really feel that connectivity between body turn and club face. The results were killer - great contact, direction and trajectory control, and just a lot less effort to make things happen. 
mason emoff hockey lumberjacks

Putting in the Work: An Interview with the Vermont Lumberjacks Hockey Team (Ep.92)

Here are some thoughts and tips for traveling to other golf courses. It's super important to get the speed of the greens down before you hit the first tee.

Putting Speed Control Tips When You’re Playing Off Campus (Ep.91)

Here are some thoughts and tips for traveling to other golf courses. It's super important to get the speed of the greens down before you hit the first tee.

John Brown Shares His 85/50 Golf Course Membership Sales Strategy (Ep.90)

The 85/50 program is about engaging your newest members to become your most important evangelists for the club. The sooner you can engage these members in the recruiting process, the better.

Business Golf: Why You’re One Fun Day Away from the Keys to the Castle (Ep.89)

If you're 20 or 30-something and you don't know how to play golf, you're making a huge career mistake. All the old dudes running companies are retiring and play more golf than any other part of the population right now. It's not going to last forever though. 
hammock beach

3 Key Takeaways from a Day of Killer Beachside Golf (Ep.88)

My good friend Brendon Elliott with Little Linksters Junior Golf invited my wife and I out to play Hammock Beach Resort today. The day was perfect and we learned a few very important things that I though worthy of sharing with you. 

What High School Golf is Like in Maine (and Most Everywhere) (Ep.87)

My old friend Jon Jacques is a longtime high school golf coach in Maine. He shares some thoughts on what he's seen out of his players over the years, and what it takes to have some fun at the high school level in most areas of the country. 

Surrounding Yourself with Good People – It Matters (Ep.86)

Choose the people that you play golf with carefully. If you like hard core games, putting everything out, or gambling, go for it. If you'd rather never keep score or never have to hit out of a bunker, find some people who want to play that way. 

Swing Thought for the Day: Why 2 Levers are Always Better Than 3 (Ep.85)

Your golf swing begins as a one lever system. It's basically a straight line down your left arm down the shaft of the club. As you swing the club further back, you allow your wrist hinge bringing into play a second lever. This is the most powerful system.
golf course in the fog

Ever Seen a 90-Page Request for Proposal in Business? (Ep.84)

KPI Golf sent out 2 proposals today for 2 different golf courses. One proposal was a response to a 90-page RFP (request for proposal)! Crazy right? 

An Attitude of Gratitude is Good for Golf (and Everything) (Ep.83)

A great friend and colleague called me out on social media the other day in a hugely complimentary way. I can tell you that it really hit home and I believe in paying positivity forward. 

How to Aim Golf Shots Like Jack Nicklaus (Ep.82)

Whether you're precise with your shot making or not, it's good advice to at least aim precisely. It's the best chance you've got to produce the shot you're hoping for...and to evaluate your results.
flighscope mevo

Lots of DATA Making My Life Better Today (Ep.81)

First, I got myself a Flightscope MEVO to play around with. MEVO is a tiny golf launch monitor...about the size of a deck of cards. You can bring it with you anywhere and set it behind you when you're hitting shots. 

The Stress is Real for Beginners – FOMU (Fear of Messing Up) (Ep.80)

Beginners always feel super intimidated at the golf course. Everyone seems to be experts. They all know how to dress, hit great shots, and have so much fun. Starting out can feel overwhelming. 

Get Your Short Game Feel Down – The Leap Frog Drill (Ep.78)

Super simple. Start with a short chip or pitch shot on the range. On your next shot, try to land the ball on top of the previous ball. It’ll roll out a little farther, then try to hit the 2nd ball with your 3rd shot, and so on.

Need More Distance & Consistency? Grip it Softly (Ep.77)

It’s human nature to squeeze the club and try to hit the ball harder when you need more distance. The problem is that the complete opposite will give you much better results.

Quit Chasing Your Tail and Give Long-Term Improvement a Chance (Ep.76)

Lately, I’ve been really simplifying my practice. In my career, whenever I’ve been struggling, I’ve always found that the solutions were far more simple than I would have ever imagined.
pga show

John Brown’s PGA Show Recap – Hampton Connect, Motorcycles and Mini Launch Monitors (Ep.75)

KPI Golf struck an incredible collaboration deal with MG Orender and Hampton Golf to deliver their new Hampton Connect club management software to the market.