slicing a golf ball on purpose
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Intentional Slice

  When we want to slice the ball intentionally, I suggest making adjustments in your set up position rather than adjustments in your golf swing. So long as your swing is relatively on plane, I believe it is always easier to handle…
how to deal with uphill lies
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Uphill Lies

  Many players, especially beginners, actually find slight uphill lies easier to handle than flat lies. With your longer, less lofted clubs, it’s easier to launch the ball higher and get it up in the air. When you’re in a situation…
golf how to handle downhill lies
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Downhill Lies

  There are a few things we need to consider when confronted with a downhill lie. Even when struck perfectly, shots from these lies will tend to come out lower and run out more than shots from a flat or uphill lie. The ball may also…
golf sidehill lies ball below feet
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Sidehill Lies – Ball Below Feet

  Many players operate under the assumption that when the ball is below their feet, shots will tend to slice to the right. Although many players have problems slicing the ball, this sidehill situation does not contribute substantially…
golf sidehill lies ball above feet
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Sidehill Lies – Ball Above Feet

  There are some important accommodations that we need to make when the ball is sitting above our feet in a sidehill situation. Depending on the club being used and the severity of the slope, the ball will tend to come out to the left,…
golf swing short irons control
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Short Irons and Wedges

The short irons and wedges present the most variability and room for creativity of all the clubs in your bag. With lots of loft on these clubs, we can open or close the club face, and move ball position forward and backward to produce a wide…
golf swing positions
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Full Swing Walk Through

Certainly, the golf swing is a complicated motion. Every golfer brings to the table unique body structure, athletic ability, physical impediments, mental approaches, experience and idiosyncrasies. The instructor must account for individuality…