golf swing finish position

golf swing finish positionConsider our finish position an opportunity for us to immediately gain the most critical feedback about each golf swing we make. I advise you not to neglect this opportunity if you want to improve your game most expeditiously.

The goal of a proper finish position is to complete the golf swing in good balance, with our belt buckle facing the target, and our right heel having released completely off the ground.

That being said, where we end up in our finish is really just an extension of all of the momentum that we’ve created in our downswing. If we finish off-balance, lose control of the club, or lose our footing, this provides a clue that there may have been something wrong with the golf swing.

Get into the habit of holding your finish, or what I call posing for the camera, in every golf shot you hit, good or bad. Try your best to watch every golf shot to completion from this finish position. The sensations in your body and feedback that you gain will accumulate over time. Often without even thinking about it, you’ll notice trends and tendencies in your golf swing and be able to make adjustments and improvements. Good players who hold their finish are not just showing off, but are soaking up all of the information and feelings associated with each golf swing.

In summary, make it a habit to hold your finish after every shot. A proper finish position includes good balance, belt buckle facing the target, and your back heel completely off the ground. Pose for the camera and watch each shot to completion, whether the shot was good or bad. Over time, your brain and your muscles will accumulate more information and your game will improve or adjust more expeditiously.