beginners golf checklist

choosingequipmentWith everything a beginner must remember as they are learning the game of golf, it helps to have a repeatable process for each shot. Here is a possible checklist to go over in your head each time you setup to a shot and swing the club. Experienced players can benefit from a similar system, although the cues with be fewer and with less detail. As cues become engrained in your technique, cross them off and allow the system to become second nature. A strong, repeatable pre shot routine and setup is the basis for consistent golf.

• Set club flat on ground with handle in front of your body
• Aim clubface at the target
• Base of left hand on top of grip
• Left thumb extended straight down, but on right-center of shaft
• Right hands cover left thumb with palm facing target
• Right thumb on left-center of shaft
• Beginners should have all fingers on the club
• Hold the club SOFTLY!

• Feet shoulder width apart
• Flex knees
• Straight back, tilt chest toward ball
• Let arms hang without tension
• Be balanced and comfortable

• Establish target line from ball to target
• Clubface square to target line
• Ball middle of stance for irons, even with left heel for woods
• Feet, knees, hips and shoulders should all be parallel to target line (actually left of target)
• Lay clubs on the ground when practicing to learn this technique

• Begin with one-lever motion (body turn) to 9:00 position – shaft horizontal to ground
• Resume shoulder turn, allowing wrists to hinge naturally
• Top of swing: left shoulder under chin, body weight on inside of right leg, wrists fully hinged
• Downswing: Turn body around to the left and shift weight to left. Arms, hands, and club “follow” body in circular path to ball
• Ball is struck smoothly
• Finish balanced on firm left leg
• Belt buckle facing target and right heel rolls off the ground

* Left handed players must reverse right and left directions