The “Walk-Through” Golf Swing Drill

golf swing walk through drill

golf swing walk through drillThis drill is intended to help players who have a hard time shifting their weight targetward in the downswing, and for those who have trouble with what we call a reverse pivot.

A reverse pivot is when a player shifts their weight in the opposite direction as they’re supposed to. In the backswing, weight incorrectly remains on the left side, while in the downswing body weight shifts to the right and they end up hanging back on the right side in the finish position. This is potentially a devastating problem, sacrificing distance and consistency, and should be rectified as soon as possible.

This drill is quite simple. Set yourself up with whatever club you decide to hit in a normal athletic stance. In the backswing, load onto the inside of your right leg as usual. In the downswing, we want to shift our weight targetward so much that after impact, this transfer of our weight causes us to fall forward. As our weight continues to shift out beyond our left leg, the right foot comes off the ground and steps forward in order to keep our balance.

This drill is clearly not for everyone, but with some players it will help them feel a necessary transfer of weight in order to make solid contact, gaining consistency and valuable distance.