Golf Rule 4: The Player’s Golf Equipment

Rule #2 is all about your equipment...everything you're using to play golf. The equipment that a golfer can use during a round of golf is regulated by the Rules of Golf. The purpose of these regulations is to maintain the spirit of the game

Golf Rule 1: The Game, Player Conduct and the Rules

Golf Rule 1 covers the overall conduct of the game and the behavior of the players. It sets out the guidelines for fair play and sportsmanship, and emphasizes the importance of respecting the rules of the game
rules of golf unplayable lie

Rules of Golf – Options for Unplayable Lies

  If you find your ball in play, but in a circumstance where you are not able to make a swing or advance the ball, then you are always entitled to claim an unplayable lie. Under this rule, you incur a one-stroke penalty, but are permitted…
golf rules cart path and free drops

Rules of Golf – Take Advantage of Free Relief

There are actually quite a few instances in golf where you are entitled to relief without penalty. Generally, this includes areas that are sensitive such as new grass, young trees, flowers, or otherwise, or areas under repair on the golf course.…
rules of golf out of bounds

Rules of Golf – Lost Ball and Out of Bounds

  When you have lost your ball, or hit a shot out of bounds, which is marked by white stakes or lines, the penalty is one stroke and distance. What this means is that you incur a one-stroke penalty and need to go back to the point…

Rules of Golf – Water Hazards

When you hit your ball into a water hazard, the first thing to do is to notice whether the hazard is marked with the red stakes for lines, or with yellow stakes or lines. A water hazard marked with yellow is a standard water hazard, while…