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Golf Pitching Distance Control – Leap Frog Drill

golf pitching distance control

golf shot carry and roll

This drill is very helpful in establishing rhythm, feel, and distance control with your lofted wedges. You’ll probably want to be on the driving range for this drill, as you’ll need some space and plenty of golf balls.

Using your sand wedge or your lob wedge, start by making a small chip of perhaps 10 or 15 feet. Note where the ball ends up, as this will serve as your target for your next shot. The goal for shot number two is to have the ball land on top of the ball you played in shot number one.

Generally, if the shot lands in the vicinity of the previous shot, it will release further down range. The goal for shot number three, is to land the ball on top of shot number two, and so on. Each shot should require a slightly longer backswing producing the required amount of carry distance.

Continue this until the line has extended nearly to a full swing. At this point, you can start over with a short chip shot once again, and a new line of pitch shots. Over time, you’ll come to feel how much swing you need for various length pitch shots, building touch into your short game. I consider this a very helpful warm-up exercise as well.